Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello! Well I'm Officially back On NF and so all my new pets can find me there if you want to talk with me. 

Now, I have to tell you guys, I am very disappointed with  one of my currents project boys. Yes that's right, I called him a project because that is what it started as, and well he ran out of money, funding his Goddess' lifestyle, and had the nerve to call me crying because he can't pay one of his bills. I mean did he seriously think I would give a shit? hahaha, hell no i don't care about that. However, I am disappointed because I really thought he would know better. Oh well, Next.

So current picture today of me. It was my wedding Anniversary today, and one of my new Piggies actually bought my gift for my husband. What a good Piggy Boy! He attached a note saying My husband was a superior black man to him, and that he could never give him enough to show his gratitude for allowing him to buy me things.

Picture of the Day

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