Saturday, April 28, 2012

 Well hello my pets and everyone!!!  So I am really looking to have some new pay pets and some submissive little bitch boys at my feet serving me. Worship my HOT ass, Go ahead and call me, If I am not online, then click and pay, but no Stroking until I SAY SO!!!

So Who wants to pay some bills for me??? Come on click stroke Pay Loser!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello, Everyone!

So today, I went swimming and took at nice relaxing dip in the jacuzzi. Got myself a new pet to play with today.  He enjoyed clicking and paying for me today, and I left him with a hard on, and did not allow his ass to even drip one drop for me. :) You probably think I am just so cruel well that is me, luv it or leave!!!

Now, I had a customer call me through niteflirt and request I put links to my movies from when I used to be in the Adult Film Industry. So, I will put up links later to them. He asked me if I was always dominant or do I just do it Niteflirt. Well first let me tell you, I was born dominant. I enjoy being dominant, I don't even have to try, It just comes so Natural to me. Unlike having to Fake being submissive. Well I just can't fake it, because I am not submissive in anyway.

Some people think I am bitch but guess what I say to them? Fuck YOU!!! Now pay me, submit to me or LEAVE MY PAGE!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today is the day for financial ruin. Financial Depletion. I am here to take all the money you have. So go to my Niteflirt page and click those tribute and tip buttons. When your done there, you can head over to my wishlist and click stroke pay. Call me if you must But make it count, because I may just hang up on your ass and raise my rate!!!
I just love letting my dog Gucci play in the money you losers send me. I mean really he deserves to be taken care of too. So pay up now!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Morning wherever you may be! I will be creating Myself a twitter page today. Hopefully getting some calls. Im really not sure how this internet stuff really works yet. LOL  But I will keep creating post until someone is following me. Maybe you can give me some hints on how to get seen on this thing. I am still learning as of now. I also am looking at some webcam's for the near future. I am wandering what you guys prefer?  Let me know. Okay, and I am available to take calls today. Time for you guys to worship my hot ass!!!
Oh Yeah I totally forgot to let everyone know that I used to be In the Adult Industry, You can find me on the internet if you try. I was under Riley James. I did  many different videos through vivid, Channel 69, and a few smaller independent companies. And yes I even have a porn of me with two hot little midgets. They say Google can be your best friend. Well try it out and see if you can find me!!!  Call me, Leave a tribute. Leave me feedback. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

So I am new to blogging. And well let me start by saying that I am now taking calls on Niteflirt.  I really enjoy dominating men, sissies, and cuckies.  I am very sensual and sophisticated. I am a plus size woman who enjoys getting things from men and having them under my control. I am just now starting to take calls and I will soon be venturing out to webcam. You will most likely find me on niteflirt or streamate. 

I am in the process of moving across the country and will be setting up my webcam once I have settled in. If you would like to be considered as my pet or submissive you can contact me via Niteflirt. I also love financial domination. So if I will have what I want. If you are into foot worship, I have very sexy size 10 feet for you to worship and pay for.